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Saying: "Choose your road to the future, it is IIPAM!" We do not mean that IIPAM is the largest Faculty of the Academy with the longest name among the universities of the Russian Federation. We have a lot of other reasons to be proud of it; the main reason is "The range of programmes".  5 undergraduate programmes (state and municipal administration), the economy (financial control and audit of the State), psychology, journalism, Foreign Regional.

Master Degree is based on this foundation according to the logic and standards of the Bologna process which is constructed on 7 directions. These include legal, finance and credit, economics, political science, psychology, human resource management, 11 programmes for state and municipal government, etc.

IIPAM is a core Faculty of the Academy on the listed master's degree programs.

More than half of all graduate students are trained on the graduate programs at Moscow Academy campus.

Those who do not stop here, can choose an MBA (Master of Business Administration) or fairly new to the Russian programme of MPA (Master of Public Administration) - a special training programme for senior government level.

The list of educational programs IIPAM completes Post graduate followed by defense of master's and doctoral theses.

We managed to collect all these programs together, construct a logic of passing from stage to stage, which will be the basis of our cooperation and communication, will fill the coming years with the most interesting in our lives - education. We want to see the person having the opportunity to shape their own curriculum based on the needs, curiosity and desire to learn something new.