The faculty “The International Institute of Public Administration and Management” consists of 4 departments, 15 chairs, 22 centers of learning and 9 scientific laboratories. Every department and every chair is a team of scientists and teachers, and each of them contributes to realization of educational programs and scientific projects. 

We are trying to involve the best Teachers of Academy, leading Russian and foreign universities, who are our strategic partners, and also expert-practice specialists, those who have  experience in  Russian and international markets. Consolidation of efforts of experts in various fields of knowledge is indisputable competitive advantage of IIPAM. We aspire to an optimal combination of administrative, legal, economic and humanitarian training of students, master’s degree students and postgraduates. 

Department of public administration and law

The department realizes basic academic programs in the sphere of the public and municipal administration - a bachelor degree in the GMU direction and the master program "GMU System". The state administration and law department also specializes on master’s programs in law direction. Programs of this department are especially popular among master’s degree law students. 

The best traditions of law education are supported at the chairs of political science and law, legal regulation of economy and finance, legal support of the public and municipal service. The Law Clinic center and UNESCO chair function at the department.  The structure of the department includes the powerful block of the chairs uniting well- known experts in the field of the humanities (political science, philosophy, cultural science, journalism and public relations). The solid scientific base in law and the humanities forms a basis for carrying out dissertation research. 

Department of management of public sector

The department covers a wide list of programs in economy (a bachelor’s degree, a magistracy), public administration of economic development (a number of master’s degree programs in public and municipal administration), management of finance of public sector, social policy. Among professors there are well - known experts having considerable experience of practical activities in the field of economy and management, social policy and state financial control. This circumstance led to the appearance of the unique program of a bachelor’s degree "Financial control and the state audit" within economic specialization. Under the leadership of professors of the department 4 dissertation councils in economy and sociology function.

Department of management of projects and programs

This department has a great direction variety of programs. The most important thing in all these programs is aspiration to modern experience, aiming at introduction of new programs and training techniques. The department has started one of the first in Russia the bachelor’s degree program "Foreign regional study" which attracts the most talented erudite students. The department specializes in master’s degree programs in which the emphasis is put on a project method; master’s degree programs "Management of Projects and Programs", "Regulation of the Financial Markets and Institutes" are realized. The department is responsible for implementation of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. 

Psychology department

The department incorporated extraordinary professionals in the sphere of psychology fully devoted to their profession. For decades under the leadership of one of the leading psychologists of Russia A.A.Derkach the original school of sciences has been formed. Scientific research is concentrated on studying of mechanisms of achieving professional skills, the research is carried out on the basis of integration of knowledge in the field of psychology, philosophy, sociology, medicine, physiology and other sciences about the human being.

The department of psychology is responsible in MIGSU for implementation of programs of preparation of bachelors, masters according to programs of a psychological profile, and also for psychological support of professional retraining, professional development and postgraduate preparation of civil servants and administrative staff. The special attention at the department was given to the programs of clinical psychology.