Bachelor is the academic degree, which the student of institution of higher education receives after the approval and confirmation of the basic knowledge of the chosen specialization. This qualification confirms that the person has acquired basic higher education and is a specialist in his major. In law, Bachelor’s degree grants the citizen the right to hold positions which require higher professional education. It includes the ranks of employees in different economic and social spheres (managers, administrators, journalists, etc.).

The term of training for graduates of ordinary 11-year-olds schools doesn’t last more than 4 years. The bachelor's degree could be granted after the defense of a diploma thesis.

Short-term baccalaureate

Short-term Baccalaureate is a direct analog of the short-term second higher education, specialist. For 3 years in the internally-correspondence (evening) or correspondence format, you can manage the first level of a two-tier system of higher education in the direction which your professional activities demand.

The applicants, who graduated from 12-year schools or who have received their education in College, could be able to attend a short-term baccalaureate program for 3 years. The diploma of the bachelor's degree is granted after the master’s thesis defense.

Magistracy (MA course)

MA course is the second part of a two-tier system of higher education, which is aimed at training of holders of a Bachelor's degree, as a result the professionals with more advanced specialization are capable to achieve complicated goals. The sphere, in which the MA holders can employ their skill and knowledge  is a scientific research and analytical work. The main goal of the MA course is to prepare professionals to a successful career in the international and Russian companies, as well as to analytical, advisory and research work. The MA degree has much in common with a candidate thesis, therefore such training makes high demands.

The term of training at this stage is 2 years. Master's degree is awarded according to the results of the defense of Master's thesis before the board of the State Certifying Commission.

Postgraduate courses, doctoral courses, scientific application

Postgraduate study is a form of qualification improvement of persons with higher education with the purpose to get a scientific degree, that of a candidate of sciences.

As a rule postgraduate studies last  3 years (by correspondence - 4). It is necessary to have a Master's degree or a diploma in specialization to be admitted and to obtain the confirmation of a future scientific tutor as well.

Advanced education (MBA, MPA)

The advanced education is aimed not only at improvement of the specialists’ qualification in the sphere of their professional activities, but also at receiving profound professional qualification. Courses of professional retraining include lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical training sessions, field studies, preparation of term papers, performance of benchmarks and stage-training. Courses of professional retraining and qualification improvement combine both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The most demanded directions of advanced education in IIPAM RANEPA are Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Public Administration (MPA).